Nomination Introduction

MCBG 2020 the four Awards honour individuals and companies with excellence in community service, customer-service, business of the year and top service providers for the Chinese community. We would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to all this year’s nominees; Your dedication to superior service has resonated with the local Chinese community in Manitoba. The value of an MBCG Award is powerful in terms of its endorsement of value and vision, and the ability to boost recognition within the community.

Awards Procedure:

  1. Review the award evaluation criteria for each category and write a paragraph explaining why the individual or company you wish to nominate would be the best fit for that category. Submit the online nomination form on this page.
  2. Once the nomination form is received, the nominator will be sent a questionnaire to complete providing details on the nominee.
  3. The gala organizing committee will compile all the nominations and forward it onto the judges.
  4. The judges will vote for a winner in each category.
  5. We will shoot a short video with the top 3 finalists.
  6. The winner will be presented with the award on stage at the MCBG in January 2020.

Nomination deadline: December 31, 2019

Purpose of this Award:
To recognize a company, Chinese or non-Chinese, that has been ranked as a top service provider for its dedication to superior service. Votes exclusively reserve for the local Chinese community member.


  • This company is established for at least three years.
  • The product(s) or service(s) of this company has greatly benefited the voter’s quality of life, such as it has made one’s life more convenient, provided a greater selection of goods, shortened wait times, or have gone beyond the norm to help individuals out.
  • This company exhibits a welcoming and friendly customer-service oriented business environment.

Purpose of this Award:
To recognize a Chinese owned company that has had rapid growth and a positive contribution to the Chinese community in its operation for more than one year.


  • At least 50% of this company is owned by a Chinese stakeholder.
  • This company is in its operation for more than one calendar year.
  • This company shows emerging potential via areas such as sales growth, management, job creation, new client/customer retention, customer service, innovative use of technology, geographic expansion, unique HR practices etc.

Purpose of this Award:
To recognize a Chinese individual, from a service-oriented sector, who is not only dedicated and creative in problem solving, but also strives to exceed customer expectations among and beyond the Chinese community.


  • Demonstrates a level of understanding and compassion for the Chinese clients
  • Reference(s) from past clients (if possible)

Purpose of this Award:
To recognize an individual, Chinese or non-Chinese, whose community involvement has demonstrated a significant contribution to the Chinese community. The contribution could come from within and/or outside workplace (e.g. through mentorship, volunteering, donation).


  • Organizes and inspires other Chinese members to participate in Chinese community events
  • Volunteers a significant amount of time toward Chinese community developments
  • Donates or leverages a significant amount of funds towards Chinese community development
  • Actively involved in mentorship to Chinese individuals or immigrants (for example, career counselors, settlement workers)
  • Demonstrates initiative within the workplace to get other individuals involved in the community